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Sweeten up your next event with tasty candy treats from Windy City Novelties!  Since no one can resist these sweet treats, you’ll want to stock up on candy for your next event, whether it’s your child’s birthday party, a school carnival, a baby shower, or any other event where you want to tempt the taste buds!  Choose from candy filler for your piñata, oversized lollypops for table decorations, push pops for the goody bags, or even light up candy that’s the perfect treat for nighttime events!  With our selection of awesome candy treats, you can’t go wrong! Finish filling up those good bags with other novelties and toys that kids of all ages will love!  Whether you want classic favorites like the yoyos, bouncy balls, whoopee cushions, and puzzles you enjoyed playing with as a child or want to stock up on modern marvels that kids today clamor for, like icky rubber eyeballs, water guns, and glow sticks, Windy City Novelties’ selection of party favors will have the kids giggling in glee!  And no one will be able to resist cuddling one of our adorable plush toys.  Squishy snakes, fuzzy fish, mashable monkeys, and snuggly teddy bears will be the hit of the party for guests of all ages, making them the perfect choice for party favors, carnival prizes, or business promotions.  Or, for the more hardcore guests, stock up on temporary tattoos!  Choose from barbed wire bands, roses, Chinese characters, or kid-friendly options featuring Angry Birds, princesses, pirates, and wizards.  Whatever party favors and candy you choose, Windy City Novelties can be your one-stop shop for all your party supply needs and notions!

Candy Costumes

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