Night Golf Tournament Packages & Supplies

We have a variety of fun Tournament Packages with Night Flyer Golf Balls, glow sticks, yardage markers and other fun items to make your nighttime golf outing a hole-in-one!

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We can help you put together and host a great nighttime golf outing and/or tournament for various size parties.  We have special Tournament Packages for you to choose from that will provide you with all the fun glowing products you’ll need to host a great event.  Gather together groups of 36, 60 or even 80 golfers for a cool way to spend a warm summer night on the greens.  Depending on the package you select, you’ll receive a selection of either Glow Flyer or Night Flyer CL golf balls in every package.  The Glow Flyer golf balls will glow in red, green, blue, orange or pink and the Night Flyer CL golf ball will light up in red, green, blue, pink, white and yellow and will look awesome sailing through the night sky to the pin.  For the Glow Flyer golf ball, activate the glow stick by bending it slightly, shake it to mix the chemicals inside then insert the stick in the ball.  Make sure the stick is fully inserted.  To activate the Night Flyer CL golf ball just drop the ball on a hard surface, like a sidewalk, or tap two balls together prior to playing.  The glow stick for the Glow Flyer is a one-time use lasting 4-6 hours.  The LED lights inside the Night Flyer CL golf ball are on a timer and will stay lit for 8-10 minutes.  If you strike the ball before the light inside goes out, the internal timer will re-set giving you another 8-10 minutes of light.  Pick out the right size package to support the number of players you have participating in your event and get ready to light up the night at your fun night golf outing at your local course.  We also have our Night Golf Target Game Package that you can choose or use to supplement another Tournament Package.  It comes with 36 LED Night Flyer CL golf balls, a 3-piece LED Flashing Hoop, 2 battery operated tee box markers, a battery operated LED pin illuminator, twelve 12-inch LED battery operated fairway markers and a one 12-inch multi-colored yardage marker.  Get your course set up for a fun golfing event to take place after dusk and have fun aiming for the greens in the dark, illuminated only by the glow of your golf balls and the stars in the sky.