Windy City Novelties

Bulk LED & Glow Night Golf Balls

Stock up on light up golf balls to have fun on the greens after dark.  We have LED and cool Night Flyer options in a rainbow of colors that are sold in packs and individually.

If you are planning a fun nighttime golf outing for your friends, or want to host a special tournament to raise money for a charity or special function, check out all of the cool light up golf balls that we have to offer. Have a blast when you take a swing at one of these light-up balls on your local greens and fairways. You’re sure to love our Night Flyer Golf Balls. They match the regulation weight and size of regular golf balls and provide constant light that will glow in your color of choice throughout your game. Pick from a variety of colors to better distinguish between golfers’ shots, including green, red, blue, yellow and white. You can purchase light-up golf balls individually or in multipacks of assorted color golf balls. Check out our Orange Glow Flyer Golf Ball. It comes with a single, translucent golf ball in a blister pack with a miniature orange glow stick that can be inserted to make the golf ball glow a bright color. You can also choose our green, red, blue or pink light-up golf ball options. Pick out a fun variety of colors and assign them to each player before the game begins. Just make sure you have some extra balls and glow sticks on hand in case anyone loses one to a water hazard. We also sell replacement glow sticks for the Glow Flyer Golf Balls. We have all the replacements for each of the Glow Flyer, including our Orange Replacement Glow Sticks For The Glow Flyer Golf Ball or, perhaps, our Blue Replacement Glow Stick For The Glow Flyer Golf Ball. If you happen to live in a warmer climate or want to brave the winter weather you can host a fun Christmas holiday outing and use our Night Golf 12 Ball Red and Green Pack. This 12-pack comes with 6 red and 6 green light-up golf balls that use LEDs. Just activate your chosen golf ball by bouncing it off a hard surface, like a sidewalk, and off you go! Light up the night and have a great time with your golf buddies out on the course after dark!