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Night Golf Tips

NIGHT GOLF TOURNAMENTS - What you Need, How to Play!


NIGHT FLYER and GLOW FLYER Tournament Packages are configured with everything you need to light your Course and supply your players with the appropriate equipment and accessories. The most popular packages are put together based on the Number of Players – 36. 60, 80. All packages can be customized to meet Course requirements.


Lighted Golf Balls: We supply NIGHT FLYER CL and GLOW FLYER (1.5" light stick) golf balls.


Night Flyer Golf Balls: 2 Golf Balls per person. To activate, DROP GOLF BALL on hard surface of simply click 2 together PRIOR TO TEE-OFF. The NEW CL Night Flyer will automatically re-set itself to a full 9-10minutes of LIGHT every time the golf ball is struck; thereby providing constant light through-out the round. There is approximately 30-40 hours of "usage time" within the 2 Year Lithium Battery concealed within the Golf Ball. Cannot be replaced.


Glow Flyer Golf Balls: 1 Golf Ball per person & 1 per foursome. Bend, Snap and Shake the Glow Stick then insert into the golf ball. Glow will last approximately 4 – 6 hours. Most visible color at night is GREEN. Colored refills are also available in red, blue, pink and orange. Colored filled Glow Flyers work best for Putting/Chipping/Closet-To-Pin Events.


14" LED Flag Pin Markers: Slide onto Flag Pin, push button on top and choose which color you would like Flag Pin to be – also can be either flashing or made steady. Markers are re-usable, utilizing replaceable AG12 batteries.


10" Glow Yardage Markers: Come with a ground stake that is inserted into the light stick which will designate Fairways, Sand traps, Water, Cart Paths, Bridges as well as Tee Boxes.


12" LED Yardage Markers: Come with ground stakes. Use same as 10" Markers, but are re-usable with AAA batteries. Sold in a Unit of 3 Markers. Adjustable to be steady, slow or fast flash.


4 Ft. Pin Illuminators: LED – 2 Saber Swords – put together and use Zip Lock Ties – one on top, one in middle and one towards bottom to secure to existing Flag Pin. Batteries installed – AAA. Eleven color combinations can be achieved.


6" Green Light Sticks: Used to light the top of the flag poles, at 150 yard markers and to outline the approach to Green. 6" Light Sticks are also available in 7 colors.


6" Red Light Sticks: Used to Mark Hazards (water, bridges, or sand traps).


22" Glow Necklaces: Packed in tubes of 50 pieces, these are used to light up Players for safety. Can also be used to decorate carts.


8" Glow Cup Rings: Packed in tubes of 25 pieces these are used to illuminate the cups. Bend, Snap and Shake the Cup Ring and insert into each cup. Connectors are included but DO NOT USE.


8" LED Cup Rings: Packed 9 to a bag. Use either closed or in open position. Batteries included, but not replaceable. Approximately 9 hours of light.


L.E.D. Flashing Necklaces: Battery operated with approximately 30- 40 hours of flash time. Attach to the back of Golf Carts, configuration based on the number of Carts/Players. Also can be use to light up Flag Poles. Just attach to top and middle of flag, secure with a wire tie and turn on. Remove after tournament. Replacement batteries are available. (AG13)


Tee Box Markers: LED battery operated. Tap switch on the button and you have your choice of 7 different color combinations which are produced by 3 High Intensity LED batteries which are included. Replaceable.


FORMAT: Best to play Shotgun Format, Scotch, etc. Most Night Golf Tournaments are played on Nine Holes. Larger Tournaments can utilize all 18 Holes for quicker play. Average Night Golf Tournament lasts 2 1/2 - 3 hours.