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Welcome to Night Flyer Golf

This website is designed for professionals in the golf industry. Although we are happy to sell to the general public, Golf Courses and other Professionals in the Golf Industry will receive discount information when adding the password to the Pro Code on the checkout page.

Professionals, please call us for the PASSWORD

Roger: 1.866.417.6435
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or Email us at: sales@nightflyergolf.com requesting the Pro Code.

NIGHT FLYER GOLF HAS REVOLUTIONIZED the World of Night Golf. We continue to bring unique new products to market to make your Night Golf Tournament or Event the most successful ever! We are proud to offer two types of lighted golf balls - NIGHT FLYER CL L.E.D. battery operated, available in six colors as well as GLOW FLYER utilizing 1.5" glow light sticks.

Tournament Packages are available based on specified number of players as well as purchasing in Bulk quantities. We offer the expertise to customize any night golf event for you. Give us a Call TODAY at 866-417-6435 or 800-441-7354 to see how we can offer you one-stop shopping with the largest assortment of products available in the market today.

Night Flyer - Continuing to change the way Night Golf is played.

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Nightflyer Online Catalog

Online Catalog

Online Catalog
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Night Golf Tournament Packages

Tournament Packages

Packages for all
sizes of Night Golf Tournaments.

Electronic Golf Balls

Electronic Golf Balls

Wide variety of electronic balls in a variety of colors.

Glow Golf Balls

Glow Golf Balls

A variety of golf ball colors and refill packs.

Night Golf Supplies

Night Course Supplies

Night golf course supplies are the extras needed to run a successful night golf tournament.