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Extra Night Golf Course Supplies

We have a selection of special items that will light up the golf course for your nighttime outings and tournaments, including LED golf balls and markers.  

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Check out all of the glow & LED options that we have to get you stocked and set up for a cool night game event on your local greens or country club golf courses. We have everything you want and need to deck out your greens and fairways for a special evening out, including a rainbow selection of glow and LED marker lights with ground stakes that you can use to mark yardage and light up the fairways and greens for better visibility. The light-up LED markers stand 14" tall and our glow markers stand 10" tall. Choose different colors to distinguish specific yardage points, like blue for the tee box and green for the green. There are also red & white glow markers that you can incorporate into your night course setup. Our LED markers can be purchased individually and our individually colored glow markers with 25 markers to a pack or, you can place an order for our 10" Assorted Color Glow Marker Lights With Ground Stakes, which will provide you with an assortment of all the available color options.

You can assign specific golfers to different colored glow or LED golf balls and have them wear a matching glow bracelet so that no one forgets. We carry a variety of deluxe triple wide glow bracelets in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white & yellow. Wear them as a fun accessory at your event or use them to mark and illuminate golf course cups so that golfers can really see where they are aiming on the greens. Our 9" Deluxe Blue Triple Wide Glow Bracelets are a great choice and are sold in tube packs of 25 bracelets. We also carry a great selection of 6" glow sticks and 12.5" patrol wands that you can use at your nighttime golf events. Place an order today for all your favorite light-up golfing supplies and get ready for a great night out on the course at your special event or tournament.