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L.E.D. Golf Balls

Get ready for a night on the golf course with LED golf balls from Windy City Novelties!  Whether you're gearing up for a charity golf tournament, a night of mini golf with the kids, an after-hours bachelor party, or just an evening of putting around in the backyard, these high-quality, high-tech LED golf balls will light the way! The Night Flyer golf balls are powered by high-powered LEDs and are available in a variety of colors to keep your game colorful.  These LED golf balls will be constantly illuminated as long as the ball is hit once every ten minutes, otherwise the LEDs will shut off to conserve power.  Sold individually or in 12-ball variety packs, our selection of LED golf balls will light up your night time golf event in style and keep your game going long after the sun goes down! Complete the preparation for your after-hours event with night golf course supplies that will make your golf course safe for everyone.  Whether you need marker lights with ground stakes to keep everyone on course, yardage markers so everyone knows how far their drives have flown, cup rings to mark where the golfers should be aiming for, LED tee box markers, or fiber optic jewelry or glow products to keep the golfers visible after the sun goes down, we have everything you need to light up the night!  And since you'll need to decorate for the after-hours party, stock up on golf decorations to spice up your party space.  Adorn the walls with trophy cutouts and colorful pennant banners, dress up your tables with bright centerpieces, welcome your guests with custom golf door banners, and add some cheer with golfer Lumi-loons and golf ball balloon weights.  With all the golf supplies you need, Windy City Novelties can make any golf fanatic happy!