Night Flyer Golf Balls Variety 4 Pack

$24.60 Per 4 pack

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The CONSTANT ON Lighted Night Flyer Golf Ball is HERE! Constant illumination LED Golf Balls set a new standard in Night Golf Play. 4 Assorted Colors Per Pack. Colors and Quantities May Change Based on Availability Besides being official weight and size, the Night Flyer Constant On Golf Ball is a very sophisticated piece of equipment designed to light up upon sensing a strong impact. Once activated, the built-in computerized timer will keep the ball illuminated for 8-10 minutes after which the switch will automatically turn off the light to preserve battery life unless the ball receives another firm impact. Anytime the computer senses a strong impact the timer will be reset to zero and restart the 8-10 minute light-up period. Batteries in each ball are sealed and are NOT replaceable. Night Flyer Golf Balls are protected by Patent # 6,042,487. *Please Note: We Reserve the Right to Substitute Colors and Quantities within the 4 Pack, Based on Product Availability.

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