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Night Golf Course Supplies

ht up the night for your after-hours golf event with night golf course supplies from Windy City Novelties.  With everything you need for a successful nighttime tournament, you can rest assured you won't have golfers fumbling in the dark, searching for missing balls or elusive holes!  Whether you're planning charity event or an after-hours bachelor party where the guys want to hit a few balls after the sun goes down, with night golf course supplies, golf fanatics will be able to play their way through the course with ease!  Stock up on night golf course supplies such as light-up ground stakes to mark tees, holes, hazards, and boundaries, cup rings so the golfers know what they're aiming for, LED tee markers, flashing reflectors to light the way for the golf carts, and all the glow products you'll need to adorn the golfers!  With glow necklaces, bracelets, El-Wires, and glow sticks, you'll have no problems with golfers disappearing into the night at your event!  These night golf course supplies will make plotting the course a piece of cake. And you can make your night time golf event extra special by stocking up on golf decorations as well!  With everything you need to set your event apart from those stuffy golf tournaments participants might be expecting, you can set the tone for any night time golf extravaganza!  Choose from golf banners that you can personalize with all your event details, Lumi-loons that will help light up the night, metallic golf balloons with matching balloon weights, custom door banners, bright table skirts and colorful LED centerpieces, festive lanterns and twinkle lights, and other golf-themed decor that will set the stage for your event.  You can be sure your big night time golf tournament is up to par with the help of Windy City Novelties!  - Hide -

L.E.D. Key Chains & Flashlights

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Night Golf Course Banners

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