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No need for toil and trouble when searching for the perfect party favors!  Bubbles are a hit with kids of all ages and with all the great varieties Windy City Novelties has available, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for any event.  Stock up on bubbles for your wedding reception, baby shower, prom, or for your child’s next birthday party.  With bubbles in fun containers featuring smiley faces, dinosaurs, animals, cowboy boots, ice cream cones, butterflies, or fun colors that can be coordinated with the rest of your party supplies, these are the ideal favors for any event or occasion.  And when you want to add an extra layer of fun to your next party, invest in a bubble machine and let the good times roll! And for the rest of your party favor needs, check out Windy City Novelties’ selection of other fantastic novelties and toys.  Whether you’re looking for classics like yoyos, balls, or whoopee cushions or think your guests would appreciate modern favorites like rubber eyeballs, inflatables, or water guns, you’re sure to find the perfect party favors to stuff those goodie bags!  Choose fun and funky temporary tattoos for adults and children to enjoy.  With options for your hardcore crowd, like barbed wire bands, Chinese characters, and roses, as well as kid-friendly versions like Angry Birds, princesses, pirates, and superheroes, these make great party favors and prizes for kids of all ages!  And no one can resist our plush toys.  With tiny teddies, cuddly monkeys, snuggly snakes, and funny fish, our stuffed animals are a great choice when you need prizes for your school carnival, business promotion, or party games.  When you need party favors and bubbles for your next event, just turn to Windy City Novelties for more fun than you can handle!